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Updated on 09 September 2015
One male and one female are free!!!

The Continental Toy Spaniel Papillon


Miniature Hunter Spaniels dated from the Middle Ages, the continental toy spaniel has been very popular in the XVIth century. Indeed, to establish the pure race in 1934 the Franco-Belgian clubs used these breeds area and the famous painting by TITIEN  in 1542 as Clarissa Strozzi's pet dog.

For three centuries, pet dog, favourite in Royal Courts especially for children, they are depicted in various scenes or pictures. The illustrators are in XVIth century: Titien, Veronèse, Clouet, in XVIIth century: Mignard, Largillière, Desportes, in XVIIIth century: Watteau, Fragonard, Van Loo. No canine race ever had a rich iconography.

In the middle of the XIXth century, the papillon spaniel appeared: a mysterious recipe of the dwarf spaniel mixed with the spitz results in the hanging ears of the spaniel to transform them in sumptuous wings. Success was discrete but constant.

Unfortunately, the decline of the royal courts made this type of spaniel rare and after the second world war, they were pratically no more hanging eared type of breed. Salvation came when a sweedish lady, Mrss Nidmark Petersen, saved them by recovering genetic resurgences in litters of the papillon: phalenes genes reappearing periodically. Since 1984, france, in particular, thanks to Mrs Gautier, the president of C.F.E.N.C, the breed remains some plain of Belgian stock crossed with Scandinavian imports; the phalenes of 2000 are worthly comparisons to those of last centuries.


Elegant miniature spaniel slightly longer than its height, weight can vary from 1.5 to 4.5 kg.

Phalene: he has well fringed hanging ears.

Papillon: his ears stand upright (10h10); with a white fringe like the body of a butterfly. This head is proportionated to the body; his fine muzzle shorter than the skull. His fur is shiny, abondant, not exaggerated.

On white dominating bottom of dress, all the colors are acceptable. But white dominatiing is a defect on the head or on the ears.


Extrovert, trusting and accessible, the ENCs whish only to please its owner, they cannot abide strictness.

The phalen is calm, stable like his big brother the hunter spaniel. His ascent spitz makes the papillon more dynamic and more dependent.

The  continental toy spaniels   classify 9th out of 79 races for intelligence and adaptative tests.